2018 Bag Trends

2018 Bag Trends

Jan 24th 2018

Bags, purses, and handbags are another important accessory to any outfit. Similar to clothes and jewelry, the bag trends come and go and change with the seasons.Purses are an important aspect of a des … read more

National Hat Day

Jan 15th 2018

Whether you’re trying to fix a bad hair day or spice up a bland outfit, hats are always an easy way to go. However, there are more than just baseball hats. Many times we may hear, « but I can’t pull o … read more

Winter 2018 Accessories

Jan 7th 2018

Winter can be a hard time to stay chic and trendy. You’re trying to stay warm yet cute amongst several layers; not everything will be flattering, and not everything warm will be that attractive. Howev … read more

2018 *Fashion* New Years Resolutions

Jan 1st 2018

                          New year, new you, right? Well, maybe not new you, but the new year a perfect time to update your wardro … read more

Winter Holiday Outfits

Dec 27th 2017

Maybe you bought a new outfit for Thanksgiving that will be perfect for your upcoming Holiday Parties. However, if you’re in need of something new and trendy for the December holidays, we’ve got you c … read more