Building a Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Oct 17th 2020

Ladies - Let's simplify your wardrobe, help you find what you are missing, and make getting dressed in the morning easier! We are talking about a capsule wardrobe.

Not sure what a capsule is? Think of it as a collection of clothing that you can wear interchangeably. This could be your entire wardrobe (impressive!) or a portion of it meant to go together. We are going to look at what this collection could be inside your wardrobe for Fall, because condensing down to 30 pieces would be hard... we love clothes too much! 


We suggest either Navy or Black, which ever you tend to be drawn to most. This color is going to make up your basic pieces such as a cami/layering tank, basic tee, pant/denim, sweater, etc. 


Since having an entire black wardrobe would be boring, let's add in some other colors! Think grey, cream, tan, brown... anything along those neutral lines. We went with more warm tones since those are going to match Fall best. 

This is also where we are going to add in denim. Keep in mind that you might want to pick different color washes along with different styles in order to match your tops best with variety. We picked a basic, comfy pair of skinny jeans in a darker wash, a straight and cropped pair of jeans in a medium wash, and a denim dress.


To add a pop of color to our base and neutral tones, let's pick an accent color! This could be any color you want. Your selection could help pattern pieces (coming up!) fit in more with your solids. We picked a sweater in a brighter blue than our denim wash colors that will just add a bit more variety to our base bottoms. 


Florals, stripes, polka dots, paisley... up to you! Only rule is that the colors of your patterns must match your base color, neutrals, or accent color that you've already picked out. Not a pattern girl? That's okay! You are more than welcome to stick to your solids. 

You will see we picked a variety of sleeve lengths, patterns, and styles for tops, but all of them are in the same color tones to match our neutral colors and base color. We also added a dress with a hint of our accent color in the pattern and a plaid pant that matches our base and neutral colors. Following these rules will make it very easy to mix and match our different tops and bottoms. 


Important for the Fall season in the Midwest, we want to incorporate some good layering pieces that will match everything we have selected so far. Our two picks were a black jacket that could also be worn inside as a blazer and also a cozy cream colored cardigan coat. 


Just like our base color, we suggest picking one metal tone - gold, rose gold, silver, whichever is your preference. Our selections were a statement necklace (layers & chains are very popular right now), a simple long necklace, and three pairs of earrings (one small dangle, a statement pair, and a simple stud). And of course we couldn't pass up a stack of bracelets! Our picks were all in our matching color tones so that they could be worn all together with any outfit or separately. 

And there you go! In total, we picked out 18 pieces that would give us a grand total of 101 different outfits! We hope this helps give some insight into what you may be missing from your wardrobe and tips to help you shop for new items that will go a long way with your current wardrobe. 

Keep in mind also that each of these pieces should be things you love... if it's not comfortable or you don't feel amazing in it, you aren't going to wear it or love yourself in it! You want to start the day off getting dressed and feeling beautiful! 

Watch our full video here