Unicorn Vibes Spray

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Secret ingredient? Rainbows and stardust, of course! 

A feel-good, uplifting scent that's not too sweet? That's as rare as a unicorn! Our secret Rainbow & Stardust blend features citrus notes known to refresh and boost energy. Side effects may include toe-tapping, smiling, feeling encouraged, and an overall sense of sparkly awesomeness. Immunity-system support is also a perk of this unique blend. A great first body spray or room spray for tweens and the younger set. But, we know plenty of teens and grown women who flip for this refreshing scent. It's just an invigorating, refreshing fragrance to mist and when you're craving happy vibes and good feels. 

Ingredients:Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Organic Lemon Essential Oil
Organic Tangerine Essential Oil
Organic Bergamot Essential Oil
Organic Mandarin Essential Oil
Organic Clementine Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil
Pure Witch Hazel
Distilled Water


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